Happy and Healthy Travel: Tips for Packing Your Luggage

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Planning for a vacation with your loved ones is an exciting time, and proper preparation can help you avoid unnecessary hassles. When it comes to packing your luggage, paying a little attention can go a long way in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable trip. In this article, we will provide you with essential advice on how to pack for good health and a happy holiday with your family and friends.

happy and healthy travel tips

Personal Items:

Considering the unpredictable nature of weather, it is important to pack a thin coat and a towel, regardless of whether you are traveling to a hot or cold destination. Additionally, it is recommended to bring a small suitcase as your carry-on luggage. This way, if you make any extra purchases or need to carry additional items, you can easily pull your suitcase instead of having to wear or carry heavy loads, which can be detrimental to your health. 

If you are heading to the beach, remember to pack the following essentials:

  • Wide-brimmed hat and personal towel
  • Sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to protect your skin
  • Opt for soft, waterproof sandals instead of leather or sports shoes
  • Swimwear: If you are going for a short trip, one set should suffice. However, if you are planning for a week-long vacation, it is advisable to bring two sets for changing.
If you are traveling with children, make sure to pack the following items:
  • Cotton towels and wet wipes. For babies under 2 years old, bring diapers and baby wipes.
  • Sufficient outerwear and day/night underwear for your child. Even when visiting a hot climate, it is still necessary to pack warm clothes, socks, and bibs for the baby.
  • Floatation devices, sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, and insect repellent.
  • Swimsuits and goggles to protect your baby's eyes from water.
  • Familiar bath oils, shampoos, and toiletries to avoid allergic reactions to unfamiliar products.
  • Stroller or sling to provide relief for parents during long walks.
  • happy and healthy travel tips


The difference in food taste in a new destination can pose challenges for you and your family, especially young children and the elderly. Bringing small packages of spices such as dried fish sauce, salt and pepper, or your preferred seasonings can help harmonize the taste and make the transition easier.

To ensure the health of your family, you can pack some food for the first day of travel in case you are unable to find a place to eat immediately upon arrival. However, keep in mind that food can be bulky, difficult to preserve, and may not maintain its quality after a long transportation process. Therefore, it is essential to calculate and bring a sufficient amount.

Activities like swimming and visiting tourist sites can be physically demanding and may leave you feeling hungry, especially children. Packing snacks such as cakes or canned food can help keep everyone satisfied until the next main meal. These snacks not only maintain the fun of the trip but also ensure adequate nutrition. If you or someone in your group has diabetes, be sure to bring suitable food to avoid sudden spikes in blood sugar levels.


Summer travel often comes with potential digestive problems such as food poisoning, vomiting, and acute diarrhea. It is advisable to pack some oral rehydration solution (ORS) packets to mix with drinking water in case of emergencies. This will help prevent dehydration and electrolyte imbalances, which can be dangerous to your health, especially for young children.

Carry necessary medications such as antacids, pain relievers, and antidiarrheal medications. Additionally, pack basic medical supplies like cotton and bandages for any unexpected injuries or minor medical issues that may arise.

If you have allergies, especially seafood allergies, and plan to enjoy seafood during your trip, it is crucial to bring allergy medication to prevent any adverse reactions. Common seafood allergens include crayfish, lobster, stingray, tuna, and snails. Being prepared will ensure that you can still indulge in the local cuisine while keeping your health in check.

happy and healthy travel tips

If your destination includes a swimming pool or you plan to spend time at one, remember to pack eye drops and cotton swabs to ensure daily cleanliness and prevent any discomfort or infections.

For those prone to seasickness, it is advisable to pack anti-sickness medication. Take the medication with a snack approximately 30 minutes before embarking on your journey to help alleviate symptoms and make your travel experience more enjoyable.

By following these guidelines and packing the necessary items, you can ensure a happy and healthy travel experience for yourself and your loved ones. Taking proactive measures to prepare for unpredictable weather conditions, carrying essential personal items, bringing familiar spices and snacks, and packing necessary medications will contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable vacation.

Remember, good health and well-being are crucial for making lasting memories during your travels. So, invest some time in thoughtful packing and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Safe travels!

Answered by Doctor Kim, 5 months ago